JAM Sessions

In this increasingly health-conscious era, diners are becoming more demanding about jams, jellies and preserves. Jane Ram discovers there’s a new clamour for all-natural,...
creamy yoghurt nush

Rich and creamy

Nush a delicious, rich and creamy dairy-free yoghurt made from artisan organic Sicilian almond milk is available in four flavours: natural, caramel & hibiscus,...

Safe and Sound

The electronic key card is here to stay, it is not only the guest’s passport to all services, but convenient as security can audit...

Time for Tea

With a diverse range of tea, from the true classics (white, green and black) right through to the unusual such as the chocolate rooibos and...

Shades of art

‘Design-in-motion’ best describes Tuuci’s shade sculpture innovation. In a class of its own, the new stingray shade is a blend of elements from the...

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