“The average kitchen producing 1,000 meals a day still uses up to 3,000 litres of water every day – just to pre-soak and pre-wash utensils. And that’s before they even enter a pot washer…” says Granuldisk. The company produced the Granule pot washer to perform a perfect hygienic wash while using far less resources and space than conventional pot washing methods require. With this method there’s no need for sinks in the pot washer room and, nearly 10,000 end-users worldwide may vouch for that.

Replacing sinks with a Granuldisk pot washing system is a profitable solution – bringing sustainable savings of water, energy and chemicals, day after day. With the sinks gone, less hard work – no soaking or scrubbing and no harsh chemicals – is good for business, good for staff and good for the environment.

For more information: www.granuldisk.com