Masottina’s wine history dates back to 1946, when it began with Epifiano Dal Bianco at the helm of the winery. Situated in the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the soils and microclimate of the region create the perfect environment for grapevines. Continued by his sons Adriano, Valerio and Renzo,

the 130-hectare winery began producing excellent Proseccos and still wines before the region achieved its current fame.

Sparkling wines represent approximately 90% of Masottina’s production. Their selection of Rive wines is produced with grapes harvested by hand and a yield limited to 130 quintals per hectare. The first vintage in 2009 is reported to have sold out in just a few months.

Masottina’s Valdobbiadene Cartizze Superiore Docg Dry is a sparkling wine with a pleasant and well-rounded taste; while the Brut, which contains a lower sugar residue, has a modern style, to accommodate international taste. Masottina also produces two Doc wines in the Conegliano area, from its own vineyards exclusively: Montesco and Rizzardo, both obtained from blends of indigenous and international varietals and both oak-aged. These wines have excellent aging potential.

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