Brand USA, the destination marketing organisation for the US, has released Discover America: Great America Food Stories 2015, a   guide promoting the US as a top culinary destination for Asian travellers.  This culinary guide was produced in collaboration with the Diplomatic Culinary Partnership, which is a partnership between the US Department of State and the James Beard Foundation. The guide highlights 31 James Beard Foundation affiliated chefs and their recipes from all regions of the US.


The guide says the US offers a delicious culinary landscape for visitors.  “Locally sourced ingredients like wild-caught seafood from the shores of the Pacific in the Southwest to a melting pot of flavours in the Northeast ensure that hotpot and sushi are as much a part of the American dining experience as pastrami and clam chowder.”


Complementing the launch, is the USA Food Heroes Campaign in Hong Kong.  Structured as a social media contest, the Food Heroes Campaign is the first of its kind that has been tailor-made for the Hong Kong market with a chance to win over 1,400 prizes including flights and accommodation in the US.


“The Hong Kong market is extremely passionate about food and travel which is why this campaign is so fitting,” says Thomas Garzilli, senior vice-president global partner marketing for Brand USA. ‘

‘There’s an important Chinese idiom of ‘民以食為天’ that literally means ‘people regard food as the sky’, truly acknowledging the significance of food as an extension of a destination’s culture and experience. We hope the Brand USA culinary guidebook and campaign will inspire Hong Kong travellers to view the US as a top culinary destination and to explore all the tastes the country has to offer, one bite at a time.”