Known to everyone as Fu Gor, Celebrity Cuisine executive chef Cheng Ka-fu began his career as private chef serving classic Cantonese cuisine to some of Hong Kong’s most renowned celebrities and tycoons. Although virtually unknown, he joined Celebrity Cuisine when it opened in 2007 and was awarded one Michelin star at 2010. For six consecutive years since 2011, it has achieved two Michelin stars.

For more than 40 years, chef Cheng has maintained the belief that creativity is the key to boundless innovation. He has sought to bring contemporary technique and presentation to his dishes, elevating his Cantonese cooking to new heights.

Previously chef Cheng was the home chef for the food-loving tycoon Lim Por-yin, cooking for his family for over 20 years. After Lim’s passing, chef Cheng considered retiring to a quiet life in the country. However, his passion for the culinary arts pushed him to pursue a bigger dream, starting his own restaurant, Celebrity Cuisine in the Lan Kwai Fong Hotel.

Through his career, chef Cheng has insisted on selecting ingredients based on standards with no compromises. His food is known to contain very low amounts of seasoning, which suits the palates of the health-conscious.

Unassuming in person, chef’s signature dishes stand out, including the home-cooked steamed giant garoupa. Using only garoupas raised on fresh tiny fish, the flesh is sweeter and tenderer than those given industrial feed. Chef chooses garoupas weighing roughly 30 kg for a perfect distribution of flesh and fat. Together with marinated turnip homemade in Shunde, China, the dish has a tantalising briny aroma. Dried citrus peel is added to pinpoint the homemade tastes of the signature dish.

Baked chicken with Shaoxing wine features the Loong Kwong chicken. The meaty bird has well-distributed meat that has a firm bite but tender taste. The Loong Kwong chicken is then baked with Shaoxing wine, which is refilled every 45 minutes to an hour to produce a heady aroma.

Having been a home cook for one of the most influential families in town, chef Cheng “understands the refined and discriminating appetites of high expectation diners.