Now open in Hong Kong’s heritage district, Samsen owners Adam Cliff and Bella Kong are serving up Thai street food with an emphasis on authentic Thai noodle dishes.

The vintage-inspired shophouse is located in Wan Chai’s heritage block next to the iconic Blue House “for a distinctly neighbourhood feel and a casual street side buzz.”

 “I’m deeply passionate about the diverse characteristics of Thai cuisine, especially the authentic and memorable flavours of its vibrant street food. You could say Samsen was born from my insatiable cravings for these bold flavours which are hard to find in Hong Kong. Samsen is a no fuss, down-to-earth Thai shophouse where people can expect simple dishes that deliver mind-blowing flavours to what you would find in Bangkok”, says chef owner Adam Cliff.

All of the noodles and most of the ingredients are flown in fresh daily from vendors in Bangkok to ensure authentic flavour and firm texture. A few ingredients have been modified from their Thai counterparts to give Samsen dishes a higher level of quality such as the Australian Wagyu beef and the local Hong Kong fermented tofu.

In Bangkok, street food is traditionally served without seasoning, instead chili and spices are left out on the tables for diners to season to their tastes. At Samsen, dishes are carefully pre-seasoned for an ideal balance ready to enjoy as soon as the plate hits the table. However, guests can also choose to ramp up the flavour to their personal taste with traditional Thai tableside seasonings of sugar, vinegar, chili and fish sauce.

Diners can look beyond the bar counter into the open kitchen to see Adam and his team whipping up Thai favourites and Samsen signature items.

 Designed by Charlie & Rose, the “casual nostalgic vibe” is a perfect fit for Samsen’s Thai Street food menu. With the unfinished walls, exposed cupboards and wood, the shophouse takes on selected elements from the street dining scenes of Bangkok to create a distinctly street side feel for the intimate 35-seat interior.