The ‘drawing room’ was once a special place in the house: a place to receive and entertain guests in comfort. This concept had been brought to Hong Kong and the atmosphere replicated at TDR (The Drawing Room) – the city’s new contemporary Italian cuisine restaurant. With its modern interpretation of the classical concept, TDR brings “aesthetic and multi-sensory food art curated by Italian chef de cuisine, Tony Cheng. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural sunlight and architectural landscape to become part of the experience. The restaurant also periodically collaborates with different galleries to exhibit art works collected from all over the world, and has guest celebrity chefs creating new one-off menus.

Drawing Room Concepts was founded in 2009 by restaurateur and local celebrity chef, Cheng. The group now operates seven brands in Hong Kong and China specialising in European and Asian cuisines, including Isono Eatery & Bar, The Drawing Room, AMMO and Alma; Hainan Shaoye, Hawker 18 and Made in HK Restaurant.

And now they have introduced “an indulgent Sunday brunch”. Born and raised in Northern Italy, chef Gabriele Milani, has combined the Italian food-sharing culture with “the inspiration from the chic, yuppie style in SOHO, to tailor-make the first-ever ‘roast brunch just for the weekends.”