Chinese X French – is “a unique gastronomic combination that, when fused right, rewards taste buds with an utterly delectable symphony of flavours,” say the people at Vea. On the evenings of 4th and 5th of November only, guests will have a chance to experience “this incredible marriage between East and West” at exclusive dinners prepared by executive chefs Vicky Cheng of Vea Restaurant & Lounge and Akrame Benallal of Michelin-starred Restaurant Akrame. For both acclaimed chefs, this isn’t just “a celebration of delicious worldly cuisines” but also of much more personal milestones – the anniversaries of both their restaurants, which fall in the same month.



Chef Vicky Cheng’s signature culinary technique infuses traditional Chinese ingredients with modern French styles. His dishes are praised for their unique western takes on bold Chinese ingredients such as sea cucumber, Har Mi, virgin mud crab and more, with many of his creations making rounds on social media for their visually-stunning qualities. Since opening in December 2015, Vea Restaurant & Lounge has gone from strength to strength, aided in no small part by Hong Kong’s number one mixologist Antonio Lai’s innovative cocktail pairings. 



Led by French chef Akrame Benallal and head chef Lise Deveix, Restaurant Akrame has recently undergone a makeover on all fronts. The exciting changes bring focus to Akrame as a casual restaurant on the trendy Ship Street, in keeping with recent industry trends shifting towards the casual and gastronomical dining category. The revamp, of the interiors, and dining experience now resemble that of flagship restaurant in Paris. It is Restaurant Akrame’s third birthday. 

“When chef Akrame first visited Vea for dinner, I was thrilled. I have so much respect for him and his vast contributions to the culinary world, and I’m confident this will be an exciting collaboration that further enhances the Chinese X French element at Vea – especially during both restaurants’ anniversary month,” says Cheng. 

“I was highly recommended by many friends in Hong Kong to visit Vea Restaurant & Lounge for dinner and I was very impressed by chef Vicky’s cuisine. It is unique in the combination of Chinese ingredients with modern French techniques. I believe this will be a very fun and interesting collaboration,” says Benallal.


Vea x Restaurant Akrame

Chinese x French Special Cross Hands Dinner


iIe flottante/ Celery/ Coffee/ Smoked eel

by Chef Akrame Benallal of Restaurant Akrame


Squid noodle

Chinese shrimp roe, uni, “Har mi”

by Chef Vicky Cheng of VEA


Tourteaux/ iodine/ Passion Fruit

by Chef Akrame Benallal of Restaurant Akrame


Crispy sea cucumber

Langoustine, autumn black truffle, snap peas

by Chef Vicky Cheng of VEA


Green turbot/ broccolis/ pistachio

by Chef Akrame Benallal of Restaurant Akrame


Wagyu beef

Smoked eel, turnip cake, XO sauce

by Chef Vicky Cheng of VEA


Smoked Meringue ice cream/ Citrus arlequin/ Cumin

by Chef Akrame Benallal of Restaurant Akrame


Milk jam

Salted duck egg, quinoa, jujube

by Chef Vicky Cheng of VEA