With the region’s version of  chilly weather now in full force, weekends are best spent drinking and feasting al fresco-style with friends.

Well, that’s according to the folks at Beef & Liberty who have kicked off a series of Big Green Egg Weekend BBQ sessions led by Group Head Chef Marcus Chant.

Every weekend from 12pm-3pm, the hamburger brand’s Wan Chai rooftop space transforms into a “bumpin’ BBQ party with free-flow BBQ, salads and accompaniments, beer and wine and a ‘make-your-own’ Bloody Mary station.”

Two menus alternate every weekend.

About Beef & Liberty

“We love hamburgers more than anything else in the world…we know, we’re weird that way. Our love of ‘all things burger related’ inspired us to spend years researching what makes the perfect hamburger – meat-to- bun ratios, patty recipes, grind coarseness, Maillard reactions, and cheese meltability to name but a few. Beef & Liberty is the product of that obsession – those technical details are exactly what we are all about.”

The name originates in 18th century Britain where the leading members of London society gathered in beefsteak clubs to partake of “great food, fine booze and entertaining company.” The Sublime Society of Beefsteaks was the most famous of all the clubs and its motto was “Let beef and liberty be my reward”.