A decade on from the launch of the first Convotherm mini demand for the small, fully-featured combi steamer is “rising steadily” says producer Manitowoc Foodservice.

The 2006 model demonstrated combined technology and excellence in a compact space was possible. With a width of 51.5 cm and 59.9 cm deep, the 6 x 2/3 GN Convotherm mini has “the best ratio of cooking chamber size to footprint in the world.”

In 2008 the 6 x 1/1 mini was launched, and the series rounded off in 2009 with the 10 x 1/1 and the mini 2in1. This model features two separate cooking chambers and only a single user interface.

The mini has also become available with an intuitive full touchscreen user interface. “The minis steam, convection and hot steam modes with the ‘crisp&tasty’ climate function and the ‘press&go’ quick select feature makes the appliances into full-fledged combi steamers. All minis are equipped with injection steam generation which is the most efficient system for appliances of this size. The fully automatic ConvoClean system is an extra option.”

Available in four different sizes and 11 models. See: http://www.convotherm.com/Products/mini-Series

Convotherm mini easyTouch 10.10
Convotherm mini easyTouch 6.10
Convotherm mini 2in1 easyTouch 6.10