Tophotelprojects is looking for “the most innovative, outstanding, iconic new hotel projects in Macau, Las Vegas, London, Dubai, New York and Zurich.”

They’re asking: “Are you working on a suitable hotel project under-construction or recently opened)?
Would you like to be one of three Creative Spark presenters?”

The Tophotelprojects World Tour 2017 will take place in:
March 21st: Macau
May 2nd: Las Vegas
June 13th: London
September 21st: Dubai
November 14th: New York
December 5th: Zurich

Creative Spark winners 2016:
London: SUSD, Devonshire Square
Miami: EoA Group, JW Marco Island Marriott
Dubai: ASPA, Gulf Hotel Spa
Singapore: HBA, Le Meridien Qibao Singapore
New York: Incorporated, 1Hotel Brooklyn
Berlin: Creative Spark Recap – Overall Winner: Incorporated, 1Hotel Brooklyn

project entries may be sent to:
Kayley van der Velde