Hong Kong shoppers will be able to taste an exotic new fruit after the first major shipment of tropical Achacha arrived in Hong Kong from Australia.

Premium food distributor Wing Kee Produce Ltd has taken delivery of 1,350kg of fruit (more than 30,000 Achachas) from Achacha Fruit Plantations in north Queensland, the world’s largest Achacha grower.

Originally an Amazonian forest fruit known as an achachairu (or ‘honey kiss’), the Achacha is a small, golden, oval fruit with white flesh and a refreshing sweet and tangy flavour.

Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Curtis Pitt said the Achacha shipment was a milestone for Hong Kong and Australia, and that he hoped to see the fruit sold in Hong Kong every year around this time.

“Achacha Fruit Plantations run the world’s biggest commercial Achacha farm in north Queensland, and are the first growers ever to export Achachas on a large scale to Hong Kong,” he said.

“I’m proud to say that premium Achachas grown in the clean, green orchards of North Queensland will soon be in Hong Kong, introducing a unique flavour to Hong Kong palates.

“I hope that every year around this time we’ll be sharing some of Queensland’s Achacha harvest with the people of Hong Kong.”

Achacha Fruit Plantations CEO Bruce Hill said that government support had been critical in securing the export deal.

“A Queensland Government trade adviser with experience in Hong Kong introduced us to Mr Cyril Leung from Wing Kee Produce Ltd last month and, after a few email exchanges, Mr Leung placed an order very quickly,” he said.

“We already export to the Middle East, UK and North America, but it’s great to add another premium market like Hong Kong to our export destinations.

“Wing Kee Produce Ltd has been a pleasure to work with and it’s a relationship that we hope to continue next year and into the future.” 

About Achachas

  • Originally a Bolivian tropical forest fruit
  • Cultivated for many years in small holdings and domestic orchards in the Amazon Basin
  • Golden to reddish-orange when mature
  • Egg-shaped, up to 6cm long and 4cm in diameter
  • Usually has one large coffee-coloured seed
  • White tangy flesh balances sweetness and acidity
  • Refreshing at ambient temperature, can also be eaten cold or frozen
  • Established in Australia at Achacha Fruit Plantations at Giru, near Townsville, since 2003