Chuan Spa at Cordis in Hong Kong bases its treatments on traditional Chinese medicine. A distinctive feature of Chuan Spa, the Chuan Journey aims to achieve balance among the five elements (Wu Xing) – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

The journey begins as guests step through the Moon Gate into a private sanctuary on Level 41. The therapist take guests through a Five Elements questionnaire to determine which elements need to be harmonised. Then guests choose from over 30 treatments to suit their individual needs. The highlighted treatment for Summer (June to September) is ‘Chuan Tao of Detox Treatment’. Summer relates to the fire element, which corresponds to the heart and small intestines.

The ‘Chuan Tao of Detox Treatment’ cleanses and remove toxins from the body via a full body exfoliation to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, followed by a warm marine algae wrap which intensifies the detox process, an acupressure massage to ease tension in the back, neck and shoulders, and to end a customised Kerstin Florian Deep Cleansing facial to restore dehydrated skin.