Hobart has added to its dishwashing solutions line with two new ecomax machines G404 & F504. The Offenburg-based company’s latest innovations promise lower water consumption, easier operation and less entry of dirt thanks to a tank strainer.

The ecomax G404 is a compact glasswasher which replaces the ecomax 402, and the powerful dishwasher ecomax F504, is the follow-up model of the ecomax 502. Offering excellent wash results, they are easier to operate, and are equipped with an electronic control with digital temperature indication. The improved sealing in the top area of the door reduces the amount of escaping steam, making unloading the dishwasher more agreeable.

Corners can be a real challenge when it comes to ensuring hygiene, but the new ecomax machines have a deep-drawn rack track and rounded corners in the interior; significantly simplifying cleaning and handling. An added benefit is the reduced water consumption – 20 per cent less water than the predecessors.