What does an award-winning mixologist and a pioneering coffee house in Hong Kong have in common? A searing passion towards concocting creative beverages. And the result is Antonio Lai of Quinary and The Coffee Academïcs brewing up a storm.

Master Mixologist Antonio has crafted a total of six refreshing cocktails. The Coconut Brew is a taste of tropical paradise with cold brewed coffee, coconut water, vodka, coconut syrup, mint and pineapple.

The Morning TCA is a fragrant cocktail featuring coffee, pandan syrup, gin, rosso and pandan leaves. TCA Espresso Martini is a concoction of vodka, espresso and Kahlua coffee liquor, the Rum Raisin boasts vanilla ice cream, an espresso shot, rum, milk and cinnamon powder in a champagne glass. The Cascara Collins delights with its mix of cascara, vodka, soda water, grapefruit and mint, while the TCA Old Fashioned has whisky, cascara syrup, bitters and orange zest peel.