Rational recently launched its SelfCookingCenter in the Indonesian market. The cooking Centre can handle all the traditional Indonesian cooking methods of simmering, grilling, deep frying, steaming and overnight roasting.

All in a unit that is in the less than one square metre in size. Plus the centre is energy-efficient, durable and low-maintenance. The LED lighting ensures optimum illumination of both the cooking cabinet and each individual rack—top to bottom, back to front – making mixed loading even easier. A blinking light signals which tray needs to be loaded or unloaded. The triple-glazed cooking cabinet door has a state-of-the-art heat-reflective coating to ensure minimal heat losses. Says Millie Chan, managing director, Rational Cooking Systems,

“The SelfCookingCenter’s intelligent functions are what ensure the consistency in food quality, efficiency and cost savings. These key factors help to overcome the current challenges of food operations in Indonesia.”