Guests at Marco Polo Hong Kong, Gateway and Prince Hotels get a handy, a smartphone that keep guests totally connected.

Pre-loaded with bespoke software specifically designed for tourists visiting Hong Kong, it also offers unlimited 3G mobile internet, unlimited local and international calls (10 designated regions, including Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, the UK and the USA), Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering to other mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, instant access to the hotel concierge, pre-loaded social media apps (Facebook, WeChat etc) and Hong Kong dining and city guide plus ticketing offers.

Traveller apps on the handy device include currency converter, maps, news services and iTranslate. Moreover, guests can also install any app of their choice from the Google Play Store. Plus they can connect with the hotel concierge directly from anywhere in Hong Kong.