Hong Kong’s Spanish taverna Rustico is celebrating the season with gourmet seafood complemented with rustic Basque cider and white truffle, all in the capable hands of Chef Carlos Salvador Asensio of Barcelona’s 2 Michelin star Moments Restaurant by Carme Ruscalleda.

Rustico’s Spanish seafood menu will be served until mid-December, headlined by a Cold Seafood Platter of oysters barnacles, sea snails, langoustines, pink shrimps and spider crab, served with Tartare, Cocktail and Romesco saucses.

Other Spanish favourites include pan-seared Spanish sea cucumber ‘Espardeñas’ with creamy potato, sautéed artichokes and parsley pesto; Atlantic langoustines flambéed with cognac and grilled whole octopus leg with chimichurri sauce. Traditional Basque specialties to look out for include include juicy spider crab rice ‘arroz de centolla’ and pan-seared whole turbot ‘a la espalda’ with garlic, chili and parsley. Plus lots more. www.rustico.com.hk