Winter time in Hong Kong is about hot pots and Dong Lai Shun at The Royal Garden has launched a brand new hot pot menu.

Head Chef Sze Chiu-kwan has created new soup bases such as Silkie chicken and Hericium Erinaceous soup. The Silkie chicken with fresh coconut that is paired with American oysters, New Zealand clams, prawns, scallops, coral clams. His Hericium Erinaceous soup with walnut and peanuts is an excellent healthy choice too. To compliment these soup bases, Chef Sze has created a wide range of homemade meatballs and dumplings: squid balls with wasabi flavor, shrimp balls with black sesame, beef meatballs with coriander, and lobster with purple onion dumplings. Plus there are wontons. Dong Lai Shun is also famous for its ‘Shuan Yang Rou’, the mutton hotpot.