Because combi ovens shouldn’t require intensive training before they can be used, Vulcan is introducing a new restaurant combi that features both high performance and intuitive, simple operation. The Vulcan ABC7-P Combi, the newest addition to Vulcan’s ABC line of combi ovens, is built to deliver the precision cooking chefs require with the ease of use the line chef needs to take advantage of the speed, versatility and product quality combi cooking offers.

“Combi ovens in restaurants are often too difficult to use. When this happens, kitchen staff tend to either avoid it, or use it without taking advantage of the combination cooking,” explains Ray Bittikofer, Vulcan’s business unit manager of combi ovens. “We created the ABC7-P Combi to solve that problem. You just dial in temperature and time like a convection oven and let the pre-programmed humidity do the rest. Staff language barriers are broken, and turnover is no longer an issue. Vulcan’s new combi oven gives restaurants the ability to take full advantage of combi cooking for faster ticket-to-table times.”

Vulcan’s exclusive ABC algorithm auto-sets the optimal humidity based on temperature. Thus, there is no need to programme settings for every item and recipe on the menu. You can start using it right out of the box.

Additional features of the Vulcan ABC7-P Combi include: an integrated cooking probe for precision cooking of beef, chicken, fish and pork; a multispeed air circulation fan that can be lowered to achieve perfectly even baking of delicate items; pre-programmed humidity setting that negates the need to programme every menu item andrecipe; and Grab-and-go cutaway racks that provide safer access to pans.