As the great wine debate of cork vs screw cap continues, Coravin, Inc. launched an innovative accessory that will enable wine lovers to enjoy and preserve wines under either closure.

With the introduction on the Coravin Screw Cap to Asia, users can now explore wines from even more of their favourite bottles. Designed to work together with any Coravin Wine System, the new Screw Cap will pour and protect any amount of wine, from any bottle.

The new product is ideal for restaurants and wine bars that pour by the glass. Explains Greg Lambrecht, founder and inventor of Coravin, “People have been asking for a screw cap solution since we introduced the original Coravin in 2013. Now all wine lovers will have the ability to pour and preserve their favourite screw cap wines too.”

Repalce the existing scew top with a Coravin screw cap and use the Coravin Wine System normally. Place it on top of the bottle and insert the needle through the screw cap. Tip the bottle and press the trigger to pressurise with argon gas, the same gas used by winemakers during the bottling process. Tip the bottle back up to stop the flow of wine. Once the needle is removed, the silicone membrane in the screw cap will reseal, just like a natural cork would, protecting the wine for up to three months. Coravin screw caps are available in two sizes.