Lehmann Glass, France’s tirelessly innovative glassware producer, has recently launched a range of wine glasses in Hong Kong. What sets Lehmann Glass apart is the depth of the company’s design collaboration with leading sommeliers, Masters of Wine and France’s grand wine, spirit and champagne estates.

While aesthetic appeal is important, the designs are driven by the tasting experience. Based in Reims, in the heart of France’s Champagne region, the company has worked closely with the great Champagne estates for the last 30 years to innovate approaches to Champagne and sparkling wine tasting.

Breaking from the confines of conventional flute glasses, Lehmann Glass has redefined the champagne glass to enhance effervescence and allow for the full complexity of aromas and flavours to be appreciated. In championing Lehmann Glass, Champagne authority Essi Avellan MW said in a recent interview, “the biggest misconception about Champagne is that it all tastes pretty much the same, when in fact it is incredibly diverse and nuanced wine. In a narrow flute, you lose at least half of the aromas. My personal favourite for Champagne is the Lehmann Glass Grand Champagne.”

Four distinct Lehmann Glass ranges are available in Hong Kong: Jamesse featuring a pointed base to enhance effervescence and provide a precise starting point to swirl the wine; Oenomust has a generously rounded bulb at the base that allows for gentle swirling and aeration, then curves to a narrower rim which captures and intensifies the aromas; Excellence is simple, elegant, robust, and lead-free; and Absolus with a pointed base to enhance effervescence, but with a wide bowl to allow for the full appreciation of wines’ complexity.