Designed by Michael Schwarzmüller, Cuspis series has as its main design element a glass ball studded with fine spikes.

The filigree cloches with a fitting base made of porcelain are available in three sizes; the inspiration for which was the oak nut. The ball-shaped handle at the top allows for uncomplicated handling. The unglazed outside of the porcelain bowls and plates with its distinctive texture is reminiscent of acorn caps.

The bowls can be used on both sides. When used as a plateau plate, the dishes move closer to the guest while the filigree glass cloche protects the presented delicacies while putting them in the limelight. Used as a bowl, it offers space for gravies, sauces and more. If used upside down as a plate, the two rings on the plate’s underside can be used to separate the prepared dish into different sections and the cloches of the “Cuspis” series may also be used with it.