{Re}, a two-day symposium (March 19 – 20, 2018) in Bangkok, hopes to explore sustainability in the food industry and farming, and related food waste. The creation of chefs Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan Jones, who own and run, Bo.lan, and writer and farmer Leisa Tyler, the event will bring together multiple stakeholders to discuss the future of food and food production in the hospitality industry in Asia.

“The idea of the {Re} Food Forum is to create awareness about how we consume food responsibly”, says Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava. “It is about considering all aspects of food production, from environment and sustainable farming techniques, to packaging, waste and the use of indigenous ingredients”

Broken into a series of key topics, it features over 40 speakers, including scientists, chefs, farmers, food historians and social entrepreneurs. Topics include ‘being resourceful even in a Nordic winter’ by Magnus Nilsson from the legendary Swedish restaurant Faviken; ‘Creating a market for high value endemic produce and using market forces to help preserve cultural identity’ by Helianti Hilman, a founder of endemic Indonesian foodstuff company Javara; ‘Land-care philosophies and farm to table’ by Dan Hunter, the chef of restaurant, Brae, in rural Victoria; ‘The true cost of food production and if organics can feed the world’ by Thai organic farmer Lalana Srikram from Raitong Organics Farm in Srisaket, Thailand; ‘Upscaling waste into food’ by Shinobu Namae from two-star Michelin restaurant L’Effervescence in Tokyo

Lunches served at the Food Forum will be cooked by a coterie of local and international chefs using rejected produce. On day one, lunch will be ‘Sunday Brunch to Monday Lunch’; Those Thai Chefs cooking leftovers from the Hyatt’s Sunday Brunch into a Monday lunch. On day two, which is titled ‘Rejected! You’re just not pretty enough’, Bangkok’s chefs, including Garima Arora from GAA, Tim Butler from Eat Me and Arnie Marcella from Bunker will cook with misshapen vegetables typically thrown away by supermarkets.

Alongside the two-day Food Forum, {Re} will hold a series of collaborative dinners and master classes with chefs. “Through the dinners we hope to show that using endemic, locally sourced – and even what is sometimes considered rejected – produce can still deliver a luxurious and world class dining experience”, says Leisa Tyler