Leva Luxury from La San Marco brings together technology and beauty. This long-awaited model boasts La San Marco’s patented Leva Class state-of-the-art technology (2, 3 or 4 groups), with its eye-catching 1 cm tempered glass body shell.

It’s a major coup in the coffeemaking industry, with advanced technological solutions, sophisticated components and the precision of internal parts beautifully on display. Like all La San Marco professional machines, Leva Luxury guarantees the best espresso, thanks to the lever system for coffee extraction, greatly appreciated by coffee lovers and baristas.

What also males Leva Luxury a truly unique machine is the countless colour options of the glass body machine (made possible by Led RGB activated via a touch remote control). Add to that the chrome-plated cylinder liner and the carbon fibre finish coating, the chrome-plated finishes of all the inner components and the stainless steel boiler. This top-of-the-range model is the ideal solution for bars and cafes.