The world’s leading manufacturer of luxury woven floorcoverings Brintons Carpets has an interesting take on Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet.

Zeroing in on the hue’s versatility, Brintons sees Ultra Violet being used in multiple layers of axminster carpet designs and in all sectors; marine, gaming, public space, and hospitality.

“The purple shade would also work successfully in larger open areas, giving a dramatic flair to casinos and conference halls. The energy of these spaces and their capacity to contain crowds speak a similar language to the vibrancy of Ultra Violet,” says Mandy Middlehurst, senior designer. Adds senior designer, Donna Davis,“the violet could be used in casinos or any space where bright modern designs are specified. However, in my personal experience, I’ve used the violet to deepen cast shadows in more transitional hospitality carpets. It’s nice to add in another shade other than black to a cast shadow.”

The Brintons match for Ultra Violet, Hockney 29-4110, is a rich blue-toned purple showcased in their latest collection: Oscillation II.