Ovolo Hotels Group has launched Mojo Nomad, a new co-habitation concept for global nomads that combines travel, lifestyle and community at its core.

The first Mojo Nomad property will call Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbour home. Mojo Nomad offers ‘Homstel living’, bringing together hotel, home and hostel and is centered around community and the use of shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

Founder & CEO of Ovolo Hotels Group Girish Jhunjhnuwala says, “We’re really proud to introduce our Homstel co-living concept to both locals and travellers. The concept draws on our desire to support today’s modern hero, giving them access to a multi-use space where they can be productive, build a network, be collaborative, seek adventure and experience new things. Whether you stay at Mojo Nomad for a short or long time, you’re never a guest but always an in-house resident and part of our community.”