A sake to go with either ice cream or foie gras, brewed to a recipe recorded in 1712, the Tamagawa Time Machine Vintage (Aged Sake) is fabulously sweet but not cloying, thanks to far higher levels (roughly three to seven times) the levels of acids and amino acids for contemporary ginjo styles.

A superb aperitif or dessert wine, with a startlingly wide range of compatible foods. Great with ice cream and desserts, but also with blue cheese, salty pickled Japanese delicacies and foie gras.

It’s not for the faint-hearted – this thick viscous sake is made from a 300-year-old recipe that will polarise drinkers. A marmite booze if ever there was. Deep rich notes of molasses and dried fruits ride a sea of savoury soy and meaty umami to create a distinctly unique drinking experience.

The label for 1712 shows a sake brewery of the past. In places, you will find a cheeky observer – a robot with a head made from our logo.