M&S has partnered with new Edinburgh-based distillery, The Old Curiosity – which boasts a Secret Herb Garden of 600 naturally grown and tendered varieties of herbs and flowers.

The gins are 100 percent naturally distilled and infused using florals and other botanicals and are free of chemicals, sugars, fruit extracts or flavour compounds.The gins keep the natural properties of the plants they’re made from, consequently, when tonic is added, not only does the mixer open up the ‘nose’ of these fabulous gins, it changes the spirit’s original colour!

There’s two flavours to try:

  • British Rose Dry Gin is created from one of the oldest rose varieties in the world, Apothecary Rose, which brings a subtly fragrant and elegant flavour – as well as its colour changing properties which sees it change from pale gold to vibrant pink.
  • British Lavender Dry Gin is made from lavender which is hand grown, picked and dried from the Secret Herb Garden, producing a fragrant, calming gin which turns from purple to pink when you add tonic!