Freshly roasted coffee is very addictive, hence the Bullet R1. A high capacity, coffee roaster capable of roasting 1000g; a coffee roaster that you can plug straight into a household socket, but with a much higher capacity than what’s available on the market today.

The Aillio looks so great that it will never leave the counter top. The Bullet features pre-heating by drum temperature, which gives a super accurate starting point for roasting, and auto compensation on input voltage fluctuations. Roasting has never been this precise and simple and fun. Variable heating and fan speed ensures you have complete control over every step of the roast.

When it’s time to finish, the external cooling tray will stop the roasting instantly. All roasts are recorded and can be saved as a roast profile. These profiles can later be played back to repeat a roast. Profiles can also be shared between roasters.

Want even more fun? Connect your PC via USB and you will have access to even more features including complete control of the roaster from your screen, and advanced logging and recording. Its is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.