Flavorgator has announced the launch of its TasterProfile marketing platform. A unique marketing platform based on a flavour personality quiz, it allows suppliers and foodservice operators to collect valuable feedback and consumer insights while driving sales through promotions. Flavorgator has worked with Yolé in Singapore to pilot the marketing platform that has already yielded over 7500 tasters, 100 social media posts and 500 coupon redemptions.

Flavorgator was founded with the goal of bridging the communication gap between consumers and institutional foodservice operators in mind. Flavorgator’s founder and CEO Henry Dominguez-Letelier, started Flavorgator after he observed, “I always enjoyed spending time with the foodservice staff and respected how hardworking they were, so the amount of food wastage and complaining by other students was saddening to me”.

Through many conversations with various staff members, it became clear that food waste, complaining, and a lack of communication were strongly linked and affected not only institutional foodservice operators, but the whole F&B industry. As such, Henry was inspired to leverage his passion for technology to solve those problems and founded Flavorgator.

Since it’s conception, Flavorgator has expanded it’s vision from only connecting diners and foodservice operators to connecting consumers, foodservice operators, and suppliers to reduce food waste, increase satisfaction, and test new products. This expanded focus resulted in the development of the TasterProfile marketing platform.