kAAKAO has revolutionised the art of chocolate making with chocolate sweetened with dates that is suitable for vegans, people with allergies, intolerances, and diabetics – one 40g bar of kAAKAO contains as little naturally occurring sugar as one medium sized green apple.

When experts said it was impossible to create a chocolate sweetened with dates, kAAKAO’s founder, Stephanie Seege, cracked the code together with a Swiss partner, breaking tradition and paving the way for a new ‘not-chocolate’ category. So far so good. The only problem is that at present, kAAKAO bars aren’t considered ‘chocolate’ and EU law prevents the company behind the invention, Nordchocolate Oy, from using the term in any way.

According to European laws ‘chocolate’ by definition is a combination of cocoa and added sugar. Dates are not classified as sugar, and therefore kAAKAO is not chocolate. kAAKAO now wants their product to drive revisions to the EU laws. Explains Seege, “Organic chocolate made with four premium ingredients that can’t be called ‘chocolate’ is a great example of how confusing current food labelling laws are.”