The Stilus radiator and lighting feature, an innovative hybrid system re-examines the rules of engagement in this first joint effort between the company and Giuseppe Bavuso.

This complex design combines heat and light harmoniously and can be used as a decorative design feature. A remote control system enables separate system management. And it can be provided with accessories such as clothing hooks and customised hangers.

Stilus is available in different formats and is a fully-fledged item of furniture that combines a floor lamp with the a heating function. Architect Giuseppe Bavuso explains, “A curved shape which increases surface area and encourages heat radiation is the characteristic of Stilus. It is made of mono-extruded aluminium formed by combining a double layer from which a stream of light exits, and can be customised with a double finish – a silver-plated reflective interior and a warm and soft-coloured exterior.”

It is available in four models: Stilus single – an easily movable freestanding half column; Stilus double – two asymmetric half columns that bring the most hidden corners of a room to life; Stilus wall – a wall-mounted work of art; Stilus divider – several elements combined to create a divider. (