In the centre of Spain, in the northern part of La Mancha and to the south of the province of Toledo, the town of Madridejos is largely dominated by the outer foothills of the mountains of Toledo. Here the predominant crop is olive.

The Garcia de la Cruz family has planted and cared for its olives from time immemorial, and since 1872 has devoted itself to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Five generations of olive professionals have improved the quality of the oil, from Federico Serrano in 1872, down to the present managers, the brothers Fernando and Eusebio Garcia de la Cruz Pascual.

The company has grown from a small family business to one of the leading olive oil companies. Currently, Garcia de la Cruz Olive Oils markets its products across the five continents in more than 40 countries offering a wide range of products.

The company holds the leading international certifications: IFS, BRC, JASS. Also available are their hand blown glass bottles of oil and vinegar with one of their star olive oils, the “5 Generations”, plus a local wine vinegar, aged in American oak barrels. The refillable bottles are made by master glass blowers specialised in the handling of Pyrex.