JIA Group continues its expansion with the group’s 11th Hong Kong restaurant: Old Bailey.

A showcase of regional Jiangnan cuisine and traditions, Old Bailey is located in the JC Contemporary building, a Herzog & de Meuron-designed structure that is part of Tai Kwun, a landmark heritage site returning to public use after 170 years. The restaurant’s location is fitting given the centuries-long reputation Jiangnan has for nurturing creative communities.

Old Bailey draws on the Jiangnan custom of gathering in homes for leisurely, but expertly prepared, meals. In the same way the striking JC Contemporary building seamlessly blends colonial architecture with contemporary design. The decision to launch the concept in Tai Kwun Centre was a strategic one. The venue – dedicated to art, design and culture – reflects the personal passions of Yenn Wong, JIA Group’s founder and CEO.

Yenn Wong, JIA Group’s founder and CEO.

“Food critics and international chefs are recognising that Chinese cuisine deserves the same level of respect as haute Japanese, French or Italian cuisine,” explains Wong.

“Our intention with Old Bailey is to elevate Chinese cuisine and introduce dishes that are rarely appreciated for their complexity and cooking techniques. In launching Old Bailey now, we have an opportunity to promote the diversity and authenticity of regional Chinese cooking”.