Following the successful introduction of two of its most popular beers, Blue Collar Amber Lager and Chairman IPA earlier this year, Polar Monkeys, part of the Nordic inspired Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Company, has introduced a new draught beer format, giving operators added flexibility when serving quality craft beer.

Available in 20 litre kegs, customers looking for craft beer will be fascinated by the unique flavours and stand out branding of the beers in the Polar Monkeys range. Created for their easy drinking nature, the beer is brewed in Denmark, with a distinctly Nordic take on recipes and using only the highest quality ingredients. Blue Collar Amber Lager is the fresh, laid-back member of the Polar Monkeys family. A crisp, balanced hoppy flavour delivers a real thirst quenching beer, while the light amber colour and vibrant citrus palate complement the fruit notes and appealing floral scent. Served chilled, this amber lager is five per cent alcohol by volume.