Inspired by ‘Travel with Purpose’, Hilton’s corporate responsibility strategy, ‘Meet with Purpose’ at Conrad Hong Kong provides business professionals with sustainable choices.

Additionally, the hotel has stopped serving plastic bottled water at events and meetings. Instead made available are water dispensers and glass bottles produced by Nordaq Fresh and VitaJuwel, both industry leaders in glassware.

The water dispensing counter – Nordaq Fresh – dispenses both chilled still or carbonated water. While VitaJuwel takes it to another level – the brand uses gemstones to purify water and impart positive energy to the liquid. Hygiene is guaranteed since the gemstones are not in direct contact with the water, but in a pod or vial inside the water dispenser. Both the small bottles and large water dispensers are created by master craftsmen in Europe.

On offer is an array of gemstone combinations: ‘Wellness’ (rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz), ‘Emerald’ is for vitality, for boosting confidence, ‘Quartz’ for enhancing focus, ‘Lapis Lazuli and Rutilated Quartz’ for inspiration and more.