S.Pellegrino has unveiled its Design Special Edition together with Italian architect Giulio Cappellini. 

The three limited edition bottles are available at The Mira Hong Kong, The American Club and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Cappellini handpicked the artists from three different continents, each of whom has conceived a different label.

Neri&Hu, award-winning architects and designers from Shanghai, delved into the natural elements of the brand fusing the cyclical theme of past and future. Their label is a sophisticated representation of water in the form of clouds.

Chicago based artist, Steven Haulenbeek, applies his experimental style to his special edition label to illustrate the continuation of the journey of water through the earth. “I am representing the filtration of rainwater through the ground using an inverted pyramid of flowing lines. The lines descend to the source – the red star – at the centre of the label. From the source another pyramid of lines cascades downwards and out into the world.”

The journey of water is completed by award-winning French designer, Philippe Nigro, whose modern interpretation of the classic label looks to the signature ‘sparklingness’ synonymous with S.Pellegrino water: ‘From the sky, through the rocks, to the sparkle.’