Tokyo’s exclusive members-only Wagyumafia has opened its first international branch in Hong Kong.

Located in Oi Kwan Road in Wan Chai, the restaurant seats 18 diners for an omakase menu specialising in Japan’s most renowned beef.

In 2016, Hisato Hamada, the co-founder and culinary mastermind behind Wagyumafia, partnered with internet entrepreneur Takafumi Horie to launch Wagyumafia as a members-only dining and butcher’s club in Tokyo. Wagyumafia’s unique culinary creations and high-profile collaborations with international chefs have attracted global attention.

Embarking on a 50-city Wagyu world tour, Hamada hosted a series of pop-ups in Paris, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, New York, Manila and Hong Kong. With four restaurants in Tokyo, each specialising in a unique Wagyu culinary concept, Hamada is on a mission to educate on the appropriate application of high-end Japanese Wagyu beef.

The Hong Kong tasting menu, aside from showcasing a broad range of cuts and cooking methods, will include Wagyumafia’s world-famous Cutlet Sandwich. Along with Wagyu beef, Wagyumafia’s changing menu will highlight key ingredients, such as tuna sourced from Tsukiji market’s famed ‘Tuna King’, Yukitaka Yamaguchi.

HK Wagyumafia will be open to the public as well. But membership opportunities will be available for those wanting exclusive privileges including access to special pop up events in both Hong Kong and Tokyo.