The Portuguese Hotels Association (AHP) has launched an online platform to help tourists book accommodation simply, securely and directly.

“The Click2Portugal initiative has the support of tourism authorities of Portugal”, says Raul Martins of AHP. “The aim of Click2Portugal is to make Portugal easily accessible to tourists, while also being fully inclusive and representing hotels throughout the country. Being endorsed by the government is key to getting hotels involved that aren’t currently represented by the Hotel Association of Portugal. So far we have more than 300 hotels signed up to the initiative.”

As part of their Click2Portugal listing, hotels can include representative video, high-resolution photography. The portal is presented in five languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German.

The site also includes a comprehensive rating system provided by ReviewPro. Raul concludes, “The lack of online representation is a huge stumbling block to those visiting from abroad. With Click2Portugal we are hoping to vastly boost the visibility of hotels, allowing guests to get a good understanding of what they’re getting when booking, while also allowing hoteliers to properly showcase their offering.”