This April to celebrate the arrival of spring, Sze Chiu-kwan, Head Chef of Dong Lai Shun restaurant in Hong Kong, has crafted a list of sour and spicy delicacies using Chinese vinegar, chilli, seasonal ingredients.

Braised Crab with Sour and Spicy Flavour in Casserole is a highlight of this menu. Chef Sze uses lemongrass, ginger, shallots and chilli to make up the sauce base, and then braises the crab with Zhenjiang vinegar. The crab is meaty, sweet and succulent.

Another must try is the Chilled Beef Fillet and Bean Jelly Noodles. Lightly poached beef fillet is served with Chef Sze’s special sauce – a mixture of lychee vinegar, finely chopped apple and chilli. The beef and the smooth bean jelly noodles are simple cool, fragrant and slightly sour and spicy.

Another star is the Poached Mandarin Fish with Sour and Spicy Vegetables. The fish is poached to perfection in fresh tomatoes and preserved vegetable soup.

Other highlights include crunchy and juicy Marinated Sour and Spicy White Bitter Melon, Chilled Sour and Spicy Ox Tripe, refreshing Sour and Spicy Pomelo and Shredded Chicken.