Three magic words that any chef wants to hear and Alto-Shaam promises it all with its range of Vector Multi-Cook ovens, featuring patented Structured Air Technology.

Simple and intuitive to programme and use, they come with touchscreen control, and require little or no operator training.

What will please chefs is that these ovens can cook twice as much food up to two-times faster than their traditional counterparts. The Multi-Cook ovens with two, three or four oven chambers comes with a compact Vector H-Series countertop model which has a 533mm footprint and ventless operation.

The larger Vector F-Series (three- and four-chamber ovens) can accommodate both GN 2/1 and GN 1/1 pans and has the ability to combine oven chambers to cook taller food items such as turkeys or roasts. All of the models in the H- and F-Series feature Alto-Shaam’s Structured Air Technology, developed in partnership with Appliance Innovation.

The patented technology enables high velocity, focused heat for faster, more even cooking.