What does a professional kitchen need equipment wise? Zara Horner lists the essentials.

It may sound far-fetched, but nowadays in most industry interviews respondents point to putting people first, a commitment to sustainability, the importance of global reach, and long-standing partnerships … even when the interview is about dishwashing equipment.

When hotel goups such as Marriot have brand goals of reducing water intensity by 15 per cent, carbon intensity by twice that, and waste to landfill by 45 per cent, it’s easy to see how every part of an operation counts. Especially one, which, in the past, may not have played its part.

Not so, now…

“Environmentally friendly and energy efficiency seem to be have become a must in our industry globally,” says Andrea Genoni, washware manufacturer Comenda’s strategic sales and marketing manager.

“At Comenda we started thinking green in 1977 with the first generation of heat pumps; move forward to the 2000s with the introduction of the Eco2 concept and the climax in 2013 with Multirinse technology and the new range of heat recovery units CRC2 which have a ventless option for pass-through machines and heat pump water pressure, which we introduced in 2015 and 2017.”

For Genoni, in recent years it has become more obvious that there is a push in Asia for “more and more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, heavy-duty machines which are able to cope with high volumes and yet have a minimal eco-footprint.”

Similarly, Winterhalter China says the company is focused on producing energy-saving machines now in response to demand.

Marketing and project supervisor, Xiaonan Liu says the company promotes the energy saving aspect of their equipment, and… “environmental protection, low operating costs, and our patented filtering system, Mediamat are equally important to satisfy customer demand now.”

Says Liu, “Market competition is fierce. China’s dishwasher market is dominated by energy-saving, environmental protection.”

Perception is all

“Ware-washing is more and more under the spotlight and seen as an added value to the operations,” Genoni points out. “From the corner bistro or dai pai dong to large catering facilities such as hotels, avoiding cross contamination and gaining maximum hygiene is also a must.”

Turnkey solutions which include soiled tray deposit, scrapping and sorting operations, and waste management play a fundamental role in hospitality, says Genoni.

Coming soon is Comenda’s Hi Line: “for the high-end project segment. These are fully fitted ‘plug and play’ units, with all bells and whistles and connectivity options.

“Plus we have a comprehensive range of compact Ro Units and external water softeners which perfectly integrate with our complete range from a small glass washer up to a flight type machine used in airline catering and hospitals.”

Genoni is also “particularly proud” of the new Red line. Designed specifically for “unique Asian kitchen operations” the range is able to answer the needs of the great variety of food served in Asia, as well as the fact that “you can literally have a good bowl of noodles or Nasi Lamak at any time of the day or night. It’s very different to the way things run in Europe where restaurants are rarely busy all day and serve time specific meals.”

The truth will out

Says Marketing director Annie Chen of German company Meiko, “For us it is about uncompromised quality, a stable operation and good service… all of which are reflected in our sales growth.” Chen believes environmentally-friendly wash-ware is “still a burgeoning sector in China, but awareness is getting higher from customers.

“Pricing is still the key factor to influence customers’ decisions.”

Italian manufacturer Hoonved’s customer service and sales manager, Elena Castelli says, “Of course, in this new world, business and the environment go hand-in-hand. Being green is innovation and creates new market opportunities.”

The company has its sights firmly set on the Asian market and is relying on exhibitions, and social media in particular to expand its reach. Castelli outlines, “These are glass and dish washers with four washing cycles, new concept of combination functions to get better washing results, touch control panels and multifunctional start buttons. The units come complete with a rinse aid pump, detergent and drain pump together with upper and lower washing and rinsing arms in stainless steel.”