Taiwanese drink maestro Angus Zou and Tasting Group’s Antonio Lai a few months ago unveiled their “cocktails on tap” bar concept in Hong Kong.

Draft Land, first opened in Taipei and the Hong Kong outlet is their second one. When Zou first opened Draft Land, his sights were set on people who wanted a simple, no-fuss experience of high-quality cocktails at a reasonable price.

With Draft Land, Zou seeks to simplify the bar-going experience down to the essentials, starting with serving everything on tap – seasonal pre-batch-only and garnish-free cocktails with a focus on consistency, craftsmanship and quality. No longer will guests need to take risks in choosing a complicated cocktail only to dislike it, or wait a long time for the theatrical creation of a single cocktail.

Draft Land Hong Kong mimics its sister venue’s minimalist look and feel, and offers carefully engineered draft cocktails starting from HK$90 per serving. Snacks focus on street food style skewered snacks, which do not require the use of cutlery.