Hotel visionary Barry Sternlicht, original founder of W Hotels, and chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group, a global private investment firm, is once again re-inventing hotel experience.

Sternlicht is the man behind nature-inspired 1 Hotel and Baccarat hotel brands. The brand’s 1 Hotel South Beach, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, 1 Hotel Central Park and Baccarat New York are all rated among the top hotels in Miami and NYC.

His newest brand venture is Treehouse Hotels, which he describes as “the little brother of the 1.” Treehouse is less serious, more torn jeans and t-shirts and infinitely accessible. Sunny, homey, witty and fun. A subsidiary of Starwood Capital Group will manage the hotels for the new brand on behalf of Starwood Capital Group.

He says, “Treehouse Hotels are about freedom. The wondrous feeling we each had as kids climbing into a treehouse and making our own “clubhouse” rules. It’s about friendship, community and shared secrets. Inspiring, boho and nostalgic, you’ll find surprisingly intimate spaces and a bit of magic.”

Treehouse will also embrace sustainable protocols.

“It’s all about getting back in touch with ourselves, with each other and remembering all the simple things that used to make us smile.”

Treehouse London will be the first of the brand’s portfolio to open in late 2019.