The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) in Singapore from October 15–17 will focus on the 50+ market.

The world is ageing at an unprecedented pace: People aged 50+ will nearly double by 2050 (to 3.2 billion), and this fact will seismically change cultures, business strategies and government policies. If products and services for older people are already a $15 trillion market, what are the new opportunities across wellness markets? What solutions need to be innovated for the future “longevity economy”? How is the new 50+ demographic radically different than generations before? How is ageing getting positively redefined, and how will the new “aspirational ageing” movement shake up the wellness world?

The agenda will tackle these questions with the help of global experts. Keynotes will include David Harry Stewart, the CEO and founder of AGEIST, a Los Angeles-based media company and agency devoted to reinventing how life after 50 is experienced and understood, and Dave McCaughan, chief strategy officer at Ai.Agency and founder of consultancy Bibliosexual, who has decades of experience as a marketing leader and is currently leading key initiatives into the ageing markets of Asia.