Hobart’s glasswashers and dishwashers that recently won the Star Award are known for low water consumption.

The intelligent under-counter dishwashers use steam to reduce water consumption. The best results are achieved with up to only one litre of fresh water in the rinse.

“Economical dishwashing means using as little water as possible. This simultaneously reduces the energy and chemical consumption because less water is heated and thus less detergents and rinse aid must be added,” explains Manfred Kohler, vice president sales & manufacturing of HOBART GmbH.

The glasswashers and dishwashers also end up easing the staff’s workload and free time up for other tasks. This is achieved by the newly developed top-dry drying which puts an end to time- consuming manual drying and polishing. Instead, plates, glasses or cutlery are fit for use directly after washing.

The Hobart Washsmart app offers many options for optimising processes and reducing costs. Washmart provides comprehensive information which allows users to optimally coordinate maintenance tasks, troubleshoot minor problems, and record and check all consumptions.