The brand relaunch of WMF Professional Coffee Machines underscores the brand’s edge in innovation and quality.

Professional coffee machines from WMF have focused on optimising customers’ coffee business on a long-term basis. The new “Designed to Perform” underscores technological and coffee expertise which ensures that each and every customer is offered the right premium products, functions and services to provide them with consistently high coffee quality and process reliability. The new performance promise also concentrates on optimising and ensuring the future viability of the coffee business.

“As a full service provider, our solutions are more than simply the driving force for process improvements and increased sales in the daily business of our customers. They also represent a highly agile culture of innovation which we pass on to our customers through new stimuli,” explains Viola Linke, vice president global marketing, GBU Professional Coffee Machines of the WMF Group.

This continuous dialogue and know-how transfer takes place via functional and digital innovations as well as through consultation services in the areas of coffee excellence and digital business expertise.

“This enables us to provide our customers with a central platform for new business models which fully exploit the commercial potential offered by the digital revolution,” clarifies Linke further. The visual design of the brand relaunch was in accordance with the principle “Product is the hero”.

“Unusual light reflections and the high-quality presentation of the elegant materials on a dark background underscore the premium character and create the ideal setting for each individual product. With great attention to detail, we developed a specific background for each machine – in exactly the same way that we create our coffee machines. This produced a special 3D effect, providing the perfect stage for each product,” explains Viola Linke.