Simple, silent yet functional, the Pro-Fondi is the Ambrodesign-patented electrical device that quickly removes coffee grounds and optimally cleans professional espresso machine filters.

Its effectiveness speaks for itself as over 7000 devices have been sold in Italy and abroad. Now, eight years after its launch, the device has been updated, with new styling and several new features that make it even more barista and customer friendly.

The design of the new Pro-Fondi EVO is refined with no sharp edges or protrusions, which makes it easy to clean. The front boasts three new features: two photocell sensors and a touch button. The photocell sensors automatically activate the motor when the barista moves their hand to clean the filter holder; thanks to these new additions, the contact springs have been removed.

The touch button has an ON/OFF function and is connected to a circuit board that controls the device’s operating status in real time and signals any anomalies. The leaning cycle time is no longer than two seconds, after which the circuit stops.

The Pro-Fondi EVO also features a new 54 or 58 mm-diameter springless polyurethane impeller that thoroughly cleans the filters. This impeller has a long service life and has replaced the use of the springs in the previous version.