France’s largest wine region is presenting a selection of 100 quality yet affordable ‘everyday’ Bordeaux wines chosen especially for the Hong Kong market.

The ‘Everyday Bordeaux’ list for 2019 was curated for Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB) by leading Hong Kong sommeliers and educators specifically to suit local tastes – and is now available at prices from as low as HK$80.

The 100 finalists were shortlisted from ‘blind tasting’ of 231 reds, dry and sweet whites and rosés submitted by 39 importers. All have Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) certification assuring they represent the unique geography and climate ‘terroir’ of their ‘controlled designation of origin’, from a rich diversity of 31 appellations.

CIVB President Bernard Farges says, “Our region of more than 5,800 producers and châteaux, extending over 65 appellations, has so much to offer for all occasions – not just fine dining and special occasions. A rich diversity of reasonably-priced wines from mainly family run estates offers everything from popular young red wines for dinner with friends or family to rose for junk trips and dry whites for cocktails and happy hours.”

AOC designations extend from Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur to Côtes de BordeauxMédocGravesSaint-EmilionPomerolFronsac and sweet wine specialists like Sauternes. “Our priority with ‘Everyday Bordeaux’ is showcasing the diversity of the men and women who make Bordeaux what it is, with a great diversity of wines from the human factor at its heart,” says CIVB President Bernard Farges.